WPA practice

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WPA Practice
In “When It Comes to Doping, Pro Football Punts,” Fran Tarkenton questions the light shed on certain professional sports due to performance-enhancing drugs. While baseball, cycling, and track and field have been riddled with stories of performance-enhancing drugs, football has managed to remain unscathed throughout the years. Tarkenton’s article in the Wall Street Journal targets all sports enthusiast who care that football is a sport that is slowly getting taken over by performance-enhancing drugs, and the players are paying the ultimate price for the entertainment of others. Through the use of several persuasive strategies, Tarkenton creates an effective argument on the issue of footballs transformation throughout the years and the consequences that have arisen since.

Tarkenton utilizes ethos to establish his credibility as the author of such an article due to his NFL career and being an inductee into the Hall of Fame. He emphasizes the time spent as an NFL quarterback and the changes he witnesses throughout his football career due to performance-enhancing drugs. He goes on to question that every sport has encountered problems due to drugs while football being one of the most physically demanding has not arisen any question as to if performance-enhancing drugs are tainting the game. Tarkenton states that at the beginning of his career the “biggest lineman were only around 260 pounds”, now today it is “unusual for a team to have fewer than 10 300-pounders”. Have genetics changed so quickly in the last couple of decades that allow for this, or is there another factor at hand. Through Tarkenton’s credibility it allows the reader to view this problematic issue that has not gained the attention is so desperately needs. The other strategy that Tarkenton uses in his article logos. He uses logic of reasoning to furthermore convince his audience of his stance on the issue of the NFL turning a blind eye to performance-enhancing drugs. Tarkenton raises...
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