Wounded Knee

Topics: Sioux, The White Man's Burden, Man Pages: 3 (888 words) Published: December 12, 2012
Tragedy at Wounded Knee Response

Indians in America from the beginning of the new world have always been mistreated. Our American government has run them off their lands massacred thousands and taken their means of life. We killed off all their buffalo made them migrate to camps or reservations were the ground was unable to grow the Indians crops. So the Indians no longer had buffalo to live off or land that was sufficient enough to grow food they were not able to survive the way they were able to for hundreds of years. We also tried to in a way brainwash them and make them accustomed to our culture and they were unable to speak their native tongues or practice their old ways and were expected to survive.

The Indians were left no choice but to take the white mans offer or treaties because they had nothing left. The Indians were deprived of their game buffalo and their land in order to survive the Indians had to agree to the white mans bargains. Red Cloud helps in displaying how his people were cornered into agreeing to treaties where they were given no benefits at all. Red cloud states “When we first mad the treaties with the Government, our old life and our old customs were about to end; the game on which we lived was disappearing; the whites were closing around us, and nothing remained for us but to adopt their ways” Red Cloud is saying that they had no choice. The Indians culture as they knew it was beginning to diminish the land no longer simply be land but will be someone’s property. For years the Indians will be tricked and forced into having to obey the white man and be moved and secluded from society.

The recollection of Wounded Knee by Flying Hawk is very gruesome and savage; the white men surrounded these poor weak Indians consisting of men women and children. The white men had machine guns surrounding the village and were going tepee to tepee searching for any weapons. Flying Hawk recalls “a shot from a tepee blamed on a Indian”. After the...
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