Would I Answer Honestly If I Was Participating in a National Crime Survey?

Topics: Crime, Criminology, Academic dishonesty Pages: 3 (737 words) Published: January 18, 2012
Would I answer honestly if I was participating in a national crime survey?

Christina M Blanks
Criminology CCJ 1017-12
Instructor Cedric Thomas

Would you answer honestly if participating in a national crime survey asking about your criminal behavior, including drinking and drugs use? Why or why not? Yes I would answer honestly. The reason I would answer honestly is because it would help in the data, profiles, and to make sure that the results are correct, so there will not be any confusion in the data when criminologist go to profile criminals. Explain how honesty and dishonesty impact self report studies. If false information is given on a survey then the data is not accurate, and when criminologist go to use the data to profile a criminal it will not be correct. When true information is given on a survey, data will be entered correctly, and when time to profile a criminal it will be accurate and more affective. As long as you are honest on a survey or anything else, the results come out correct and can change data so that criminologist can create better profiles when profiling criminals. Also to better help criminologist figure out why a person committed the crime, what lead the person to commit a crime, and how they may be able to stop people from committing crimes.

Self-report study is a method for measuring crime involving the distribution of a detailed questionnaire to a sample of people, asking them whether they have committed a crime in a particular period of time. Self-report study has been a good method for criminologists to determine the social characteristics of ‘offenders’. Self report studies involve confidential questionnaires that invite the respondents to record voluntarily whether or not they have committed any of the listed offences. Negative affectivity: how serious a threat to self-report studies of psychological distress? Brennan RT, Barnett RC. Harvard Graduate School of Education, Department of Administration, Planning and...

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