Would You Prefer to Have an Expensive and Ostentatious Wedding with Lots of Guests or a Simple and Quiet One?

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Everyone has his own conception. These viewpoints are quite different from each other, especially in ceremonies and rites, for example, in a wedding ceremony.

Last Sunday, one of my closest girlfriends invited me to her wedding. The bride was born of a middle-class family. Her parents are retired government officials. To satisfy their daughter’s wishes, they had to organize a pompous and expensive wedding. The wedding was prepared carefully: they had the house whitewashed and decorated, lanterns and gorgeous flowers were hung everywhere.

On the wedding day, the bride wore a full-length pink dress, with a crown on her head just like a queen. A great number of guests were invited to the party. Delicious and rare main courses were served in the deafening sounds of rock music. Almost all guests drank so much whisky and brandy that they got as drunk as lords, and the wedding party lasted three days and three nights. It was rumored that her wedding party cost half of her parents’ fortune.

As for me, I have a quite different conception of wedding. I prefer to have a very simple and quiet wedding party rather than an ostentatious and expensive one.

Before my wedding, I myself will decorate the living-room in accordance with my taste. In my wedding ceremony, I will wear a traditional dress which represents chastity and purity. Only few friends and relatives will be invited to my simple wedding party. There will be no rock music and no other kinds of festivals.

In summary, I conceive that the happiness of a newly-married couple cannot be found in an ostentatious and expensive wedding which only ruins their health and their parent’s fortune.
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