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Carlos Hatch Addiction Video Paper
HUMS 113 Problems of Substance Abuse in Society
June 30Th, 2013
Marilyn Arnett

Addiction Video Paper
Summary: Clean and Sober
Daryl Poynter played by Michael Keaton is a big time Philadelphia real-estate salesman, who after sleeping and doing cocaine with a woman he picks up the previous night, wakes up to find the woman dead beside him, in addition he has borrowed 92,000 dollars from an escrow account on his job and invested it in the market hoping to make more money, but instead looses most of it. Now in debt and the Police interested in him because of the young lady’s death, the only thing of importance in Daryl’s life seems to be cocaine.

Daryl decides to check himself into a drug rehabilitation center, convincing himself it should be fairly easy to convince the people that run the center that he is an addict. After a few weeks in the rehabilitation center, it is a drug counselor named Craig played by Morgan Freeman and Daryl’s chosen sponsor Richard Dirks a recovering alcoholic, played brilliantly by E. Emmet Walsh who end up helping Daryl comes to the conclusion that he is an alcoholic and addict, and his life is out of control.

Michael Keaton beautifully portrays a man going through the process of submission and recovery, despite the fact he is selfish, conceited, and a liar. In most films dealing with addiction, submission and recovery are seldom the topics addressed, but rather the negative aspects of addiction, such as addicts being portrayed as the filth of society, or addiction being depicted as the reason for crime. Clean and Sober was a refreshing alternative to the normal cinematic versions of addiction. Accurateness in Portraying Drug Use

The movie Clean and Sober shows accurately how deviant drug use not considered either normal or acceptable by society, can lead to problems and how dependence consist of using illicit substances more often or in greater amounts. Michael Keaton’s character is someone we all have known at sometime in our lives who discovers that the physical pains of recovery are small compared to the emotional changes. The movie demonstrated well how individuals most of the time convey pretty conventional long-term goals for themselves, expect or need to have success in their lives, but end up doing things that get in the way of that success.

Not only does Clean and Sober do a great job in showing where drug use can take you, but also is excellent in articulating the contexts of substance abuse treatment centers and Alcoholics Anonymous. Morgan Freemans character States “we like to get patients focused on the program before they start dealing with the outside” or “the best way to break old habits is to start new ones”.

Clients at the treatment center express reasons for being there that range from “I just want to quit” to “I promised a friend I would quit”, but Clean and Sober is a great representation of what those in recovery are capable of once they are free of the chains of denial.. I was also impressed how Alcoholics Anonymous is incorporated into the plot and this serves as a testament to the relevance of A.A and how much it has grown. Accurateness to Textbook

The text book in chapter one check yourself describes Two broad categories of problems directly related to actually taking drugs, dependence and overdose, and both are depicted in the film as Daryl and others present at the treatment center and trying to do something to alleviate their dependence, and cocaine cost Daryl’s date her life when she overdosed on the drug. Check yourself also alludes to the social problems apart from the direct dangers of the drugs themselves, such as abuse treatment and the expenses incurred.

The movie also shows a perfect portrayal of why American society attempts strict control rather than tolerance over some types of drugs in response to the social concerns such as dependence potential...

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