Worst Job

Topics: Health insurance, Employment, Labor Pages: 2 (1037 words) Published: October 31, 2014

WR 121
Jill Rupert
Essay 2
Have you ever thought about the possibility of which job is worse, one in service such as a fast food restaurant, or one that requires manual labor, such as in picking or processing vegetables or digging ditches? The worse job between the two is manual labor. Manual labor is the worse job any one can have as it varies it can be at times indoor or outdoor job, construction, carpentry, farming, fruit picking, factory work, and much move. Most manual labor jobs require you to use physical skills, work in all types of weather, underpaid, some offer no insurance, work long hours, offer vary few breaks, position may not be secure do to weather. Manual labor jobs can cause health issues, in the long run and can experience many health problems like skin cancer or carpultunal from repetitive movements. There are many manual labor jobs out there like construction. Construction is a well paid job but its money comes with its own price, depending if you are in a union or not you will be paid very well, another benefit is your wear what you feel most comfortable input also requires you to wear proper PPE (personal protective equipment). The negative of this job is your constantly putting your life on the line as you have to be on top od roofs even if the building is fifty stories high, construction is on the list of the top ten worst jobs for your lungs. According to health.com “construction workers who inhale dust in demolitions or renovations can be at risk for lung cancer, mesothelioma, and asbestos, a disease that causes scarring and stiffening of lungs”. (www.health .com/health/m/gal). There may also be unexpected incidents like falling into unseen wholes, cutting a body part like a finger or hand, because of the tools that are used. PPE is not always dependable. Health benefits are not always affordable in this type of job and because of the good pay state funded insurance is out of the question. Service jobs are better jobs all...

Cited: Zamosky, Lisa. “10 Worst Jobs for Your Lung.” Health. Time Inc. Lifestyle Group. 2014. Web.
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