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Worldwide Telecommunications Inc.

Worldwide Telecommunications Inc.
With the world becoming more diverse and the workplace becoming more and more multicultural, diversity has brought new importance to the workplace. In the beginning, political correctness, affirmative action and disparities in pay pushed employers into changes to their recruiting practices. A modern workplace may consist of employees of varying age, gender, ethnicity, culture, religion and other factors. Combining people from these different backgrounds can invite tension in the workplace. However, it can also offer different perspectives and insights from each individual that can drive the company to successes in many ways. Worldwide Telecommunications Inc. has confronted this rather complex issue and has turned it into and opportunity to encourage not only a multicultural work environment, but be portrayed as a multicultural company that the public can relate to. The diverse backgrounds of the employees will have an effect on the way the diverse community sees and interacts with the company in a positive way. This unique idea was not without its problems. A diverse workplace can lead to struggles and challenges as people from different ages, genders, ethnicities, cultures and religions learn to work together. When they see the added features of bringing this diverse group of people together, the bond between the members of this unique group will be tighter and their interactions will be less uncomfortable.

About Worldwide Telecommunications Incorporated
Worldwide Telecommunications, Inc is one of the largest, thriving, full service communications company in existence today. Since 1986, this worldwide communications corporation has impacted its clientele tremendously by consistently providing greatness in terms of customer service. This company has distinguished themselves in a broad range of ways. One way is in their creation of platforms for integrating video, voice, and data components. They also offer platforms for phone services; which makes voice, video, and data components accessible from an individual’s computer. They are the choice data service provider for chain clients such as: restaurants, lodging services, and other public venues worldwide. Worldwide Telecommunications Incorporated has established its brand through hard work, dependability, and perseverance. Its dedication to its customers is unsurpassed by any other company in that particular industry. What is a Multicultural Workforce

One of the most crucial components of a company’s success or failure is its employees. A multicultural workforce is one wherein a company’s employees include members of a variety of ethnic, racial, religious, and gender backgrounds (Multicultural Workforce. Para 2). According to the U.S Equal Employment Commission (EEOC), it is more beneficial for a company to have a multicultural employee population. African Americans, Asians, Hispanics, and other ethnic groups are becoming more prominent in the American fabric. In some business and organizations, there is a great deal of negativity associated with workplace diversity. Discriminatory acts are being committed because of components such as race, religion, politics, and sexual preference. By engaging in this type of behavior, companies are not reaching their highest peaks because the employees are focused on frivolousness instead of the pursuit of the company’s primary goals. However, once a company has made the decision to embrace those differences they will experience the endless possibilities of success. Variety is a key component in Worldwide Telecommunication’s accomplishments since 1986. Worldwide Telecommunications must take advantage of the cultural resources in order to capitalize in growth and development. How a multicultural workforce can affect teamwork

One way a multicultural workforce can affect teamwork is...
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