worldview assignment

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Worldview Assignment
What is a worldview?
A worldview consists of our thoughts and actions (whether religious or non-religious) based upon our personal beliefs of life and death, science and religion, the arts, school, morals, and values. Articulate the biblical/Christian Worldview (what is believed) for each of the following 5 questions. The Question of Origin - Genesis 1:1 and 2 Peter 1:21 are the two passages that come to mind when it comes to answering the question of our origin. One must always cite, in my opinion, Gen. 1:1 because it is the actual story of creation and starts from the very beginning. We cannot, as Christians, skip over this passage. The Question of Identity – This question is important because it asks such questions like “What does it mean to be human?” Psalm 8:5 and Gen. 2:15 answer this question the best in my opinion because they talk about the place of humans and our role. Genesis talks about mankind being made in the image of God and also says we are to rule over the animals and be there caretakers. This means that we should respect our animal friends and treat them with kindness and care. The Question of Meaning/Purpose – We have always wanted to know why we exist and why humans? Why are we intelligent and not some other species? The best answer, to me comes from John 17:3 and Deut. 11:13. It is Christian thought that man’s purpose is to have a relationship with God and not just simply acting out the rituals of a religion. The Question of Morality – Many people ask what is actually right and what is actually wrong. How do we know? The Bible has the answer and it is best answered by Psalm 51:5 and Eph. 2:8-10. In Christianity, Man is born a sinner and cannot save himself. True salvation is only found in faith in Jesus Christ and not in works like in Judaism. Works will, however, follow when one has true salvation. The Question of Destiny – This question is a hard question to ask for some people. Much controversy...

Bibliography: Weider, D. L. & D. B. Gutierrez (2013). Consider. Virginia Beach, VA: Academx Publishing Services, Inc.
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