World Without Stories

Topics: Storytelling, Active listening, Short story Pages: 3 (650 words) Published: January 14, 2013

This essay will set out what the world would be without what the world would be without stories, what are the functions of stories; it will show how this art is important to humanity and using images where necessary/appropriate. This essay will also reflect on the effects that would be caused in the sense on no stories.

The world without stories would be a hard living life, harder to teach new generations lessons and what’s right and what’s wrong, they even won’t know what it would be like in other peoples shoes, how life is in different situations, ages and places/countries . They won’t know how something was invented and why is there etc.

Well however stories also have their function and effects, these functions are called ‘The nine functions’ they are all different ways of functioning and yet all have a unique effect. Here is a summery chart:

|Stories are used to: |Stories have the following effects: | |1. Empower a speaker |Entertain | |2. Create an environment |Create trust and openness between yourself and others | |3. Bind and bond individuals |Elicit stories from others | |4. Engage our minds in active listening |Listen actively in order to: | |5. Negotiate differences |Understand context and perspective | | |Identify the root cause of a problem | | |Uncover resistance and hidden agendas | | |Shift perspectives in order to: | | |See each other...

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