World Wide Web and Subscription Management

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Week 6 Course Project

RFP Response to E-Library Subscription Opportunity

Solicitation Number: RIIA-12-00119
Response Date: Jun 13, 2012 11:59 pm Eastern

Table of Contents

1.0 Cover Letter
10 June 2012

Sharon D Johnson
Office of the Chief Procurement Officer
Department of Homeland Security
Washington, District of Columbia 20528
United States

Dear Miss Johnson,

We thank Department of Homeland Security for providing the opportunity to respond to the request for proposal for “E-Library Subscription Opportunity”. We strongly value this opportunity realize that this initiative is strategic to your goals to maintain higher levels of service and quality to your customers. SOLUTIONZ Inc. is a leading provider of information technology and consulting services, based in New York with more than 600 employees. We cognizant combine a unique customer centric business model along with deep expertise of developing IT solutions across multiple customers along with domain knowledge of building library solutions to respond to your opportunity. I am attaching our response to your RFP, “SOLUTIONZ Inc. response to E-Library Subscription Opportunity” for your consideration. Our team would be most happy to elaborate on any specific aspects of our response. I certify that all information provided in this response is true to the best of my knowledge and that the financial proposal will remain valid for the next 90 days. We look forward to working with you to further strengthen our relationship and our commitment to your organization and demonstrate our people and process capabilities. Once again, thank you for the opportunity. Looking forward to your favorable response

2.0 Technical Approach – The technical approach for the solution is structured as 1. Our Understanding of Requirements
2. Key Solution Considerations
3. SOLUTIONZ Inc. Technical Solution
4. Benefits and advantages of proposed solution

2.1 Our Understanding of the Requirements – Based on the RFP, the requirements that are in scope for this project are summarized below Web-based library automation system
Must offer a simplified user interface for rapid information access to analysts and researchers. Must have a low-cost browser enabled device.
Simplified internal workflow.
Catalogue holdings.
The solution system should have integrated search functions. The solution system should have a robust system that will track, retrieve, manage and archive reference material. The solution system should only allow administrators to have access to the e-Library back end tables. Internet-ready computer capable of running Internet Explorer to search by title, author, subject, keyword, or any of 11 standard numbers. The solution system should be on a back end server that will accommodate a large amount of storage area. The solution system should be able to be upgraded easily.

The solution system should be able to pull updates and demographics from other U.S. government electronic libraries located globally. The solution system should have the capability to integrate internally and externally customers if needed. The solution system should accommodate multiple users at once and should include a user friendly interface. The solution system must provide encryption security and classification management. The subscription shall allow the capability to add updates, and annual renewals or options as required by the government continued requirements.

2.2 Key Solution Considerations – Various business and technical considerations are necessary for coming up with a robust and fully functional solution. Subscribers are the key to success and effective subscription management is the need for any publication unit today. Subscription management involves maintaining database of existing subscribers,...
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