World War2

Topics: World War II, World War I, United States Pages: 1 (355 words) Published: December 17, 2008
World War II which gave rise to negative results such as cold war has been an issue about which historian debate. Although various opinions have come out, two historians, Derek Aldcroft and Mark Mazower, contend with different interpretations of The Versailles Treaty. Aldcroft insists that the treaty led major unsolved issues, failing to reshape Europe, to treat Germany, to relieve and reconstruct Europe, international monetary stabilization, and issue of the leadership of the United States. In addition the issues made Germany bitter and resentful. Mazower provides the treaty contributed to credible job and generated a model world order under which Europe lives today. First of all, Aldcroft states that the Versailles Treaty caused World War II in that the treaty disintegrated the Austro-Hungarian, Romanov, and Turkish Empire and hostilities against countries who won the war escalated because the balance of power broke. As the Austro-Hungarian Empire that had once been the bulwark between East and West collapsed, it became game of Germany which had once recovered from World War I and was finding living place in the East. Moreover, the United States’ passive participation in European recovery had bad effect on outbreak of the war. America stressed importance of European recovery, but actually they are focusing on their own interest. Furthermore, American’s more merciful position toward Germany angered the French because it provided little in the way of security against a recalcitrant Germany. However, Mark Mazower insists that the Versailles Treaty did a credible job and had a positive influence on a model world order under which Europe lives today. Mazower says the treaty was an extension of nineteenth-century liberal moralizing that is a combination of British untilitarianism and American idealism which is an ideological advance to the world which lacked realism or comprehending of the political passions which encouraging people in Europe....
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