World War Ii and Clausewitz

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Asignment2: Why is Clausewitz called the father of modern strategy? Is this a valid title for him?

As from the Prussian soldiers, Clausewitz had become more knowingly as the Prussian philosopher. The idea of Carl Von Clausewitz had been employed fundamentally in the aspect of strategic studies, military history and defense literature. His thesis, On War which contains eight parts of books had been published by his wife after Clausewitz dead in 1831. The change on the nature in the conduct of war during Clausewitz time was the factor why he needed to reexamine the subjects through his writing. In his time, the warfare that occurred can be categorized as the modern warfare. His intention that On War is going to be the book which had not been forgotten after two and three years and maybe can be a reference for those who interest in the subject. His role as practical soldier of wide experience, as historical philosopher and a political theorist had made we cannot denied about his skills especially regarding him as a strategians. On War is scattered with historical references, short analyses, and methodological enquiries into the proper use of history. But his values and fundamental beliefs have helped its work to stay coherence and power in persuasion that have endured until modern days. This essay will show that how Clausewitz can classify as the father of modern strategy by analyzed his ideas into three perspectives like the nature of war, the purpose of war and the conduct of war. Following this analysis we can also saw that Clausewitz is qualified to called as a father of modern strategy due to his theory and ideas which remains the most comprehensive, perceptive and modern contribution to political military thought and also to the subject of strategy itself.

On War contributions
In western canon, there did not have much works which can refer by Strategians as regards about fundamental problems of war. On war had being the second book published after Athenians writer, Thucydides: The Peloponnesian War. Clausewitz work first published in Germany in 1832, and it has been as the bible for many thoughtful soldiers since the elder Moltke attributed his stunning victories in the wars of German unification to its guidance. Before appraisal by the chief of the General Staff of the Prussian army Moltke, On War gives a very low influence to the European. The 1,500 copies of the first edition of On War were not sold until 20 years following its publication in 1832. From Prussia and Germany, the impact of On War then spread to the France. Ardent du Picq's is the scholar who extent the Clausewitz philosophy through his writing and lecture. A lacking judgment by France in the idea of war which must be pushed to the upper limits of violence and the superiority of moral forces were to bring about the blood baths on the Western Front in World War I. Due to the popularity of On War, this book had also been translated into a lot of major and minor language. In Britain, it drew a large audience immediately following the inglorious Boer War of 1899 to 1902.

The First World War had turned attention of The United States soldiers to Clausewitz. Russell Weigley in The American Way of War also argued that Clausewitz ideas also coincided with the American temperament. The massive retaliation standard was shown by the United States had led to criticism after the Second World War. The trauma that got from the nation and the armed forces suffered in Vietnam has turned the attention of many people to a more detailed study of Clausewitz. It intense interest of individuals like Dwight Eisenhower and George Patton and also awakes the interest of American military institutions. For them, the Clausewitzian arguments are famous in the most authoritative American statements of the lesson of Vietnam and later dominate the curriculum into the America’s war collage today. Clausewitz has provided students of war with an invaluable...
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