World War Ii Airplanes

Topics: World War II, Royal Air Force, Luftwaffe Pages: 3 (857 words) Published: August 16, 2009
GRC – 2nd and 3rd
Mrs. Carter
Research Paper
WWII Aviation
During World War I, about all the airplane was good for was crashing. World War I airplanes were slow and had poor maneuverability. The plane could not effectively carry weapons, so air travel was dangerous. The early planes had wood and fabric frames which made them very flammable. If a bomb, which was carried under the wings, was shot, the plane would blow up and both pilots would be dead. “It seems no one had interest in the bomb positions of these planes.” (Stirling, Para. 1) Though World War II planes also had the same potential to blow up if shot, they were much, much better because of their aluminum frames, and protected engines. As Italy was the first to bring the airplane into World War II with its antics against Africa, they gave Germany the idea of putting planes to a better use. Soon each country had began their own air force and started to mass produce airplanes. At first they used the planes sparingly – only for bombing cities and quick in and outs. But, eventually countries adapted to the greater abilities of the airplane. The Germans, Americans, and the British all worked hard to make a plane that would be superior to all others. Two jet fighters, one German and the other British, were amazing feats of jet powered engines. The German Messerschmitt Me262 and the British Gloster Meteor were effective to their desired uses “because both aircraft were necessarily of twin-engine design (had an engine on each wing) to meet desired mission and performance objectives.” (Gurevich, Para. 5) When these first appeared late in WWII, they started out quite basic. After Germans quickly dispatched Poland and most of Western Europe, they turned their eye to Great Britain. “Hitler had great faith in his undefeated Luftwaffe (air force).” (Chain Home and the Battle of Britain, IEEE, Para. 1) He began to plan the invasion of Britain and the destruction of the British Navy. Hitler’s first raid...
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