World War 2 Timeline

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World War Two TimeLine

-Meetings/ Conferences-Important event
-Agreements/ Acts-Attacks/Battles

The Holocaust Begins:

Nazis made a persecution government policy
They passed laws forbidding Jews to hold public office

The Nuremberg Laws passed, with deprived Jews of their rights to German citizenship jobs, and property.

November 9, 1938
The night of the Broken glass occurred also known as the Kristallnacht This was the first act of violence towards the Jewish people. Nazis vandalized thousands of Jewish shops and murdered about 100 people.


Germany Sparks A New War In Europe:

September 29
The Munich Conference was held.
The Munich Conference agreed to permit Nazi German Annexation of Czechoslovakia’s Sudetenland.

The Munich Conference

April 28, 1939
Hitler spoke before the Reichstag. He demanded that the port city of Danzig and Polish corridor be returned to Germany. . Due to the result of World War 1, the allies cut out the Polish Corridor from German territory to give Poland access to the sea.

August 23, 1939
Joseph Stalin signed a 10-year nonaggression pact with Hitler. The two countries had agreed to not attack each other for 10 years. The outcome of the Munich Conference resulted in Stalin not becoming eager to join with the West. Hitler also promised him territory.

September 1939
Roosevelt had convinced the congress to allow the Allies to buy American goods. They would pay cash & then carry the goods on their own ships.

September 1,1939
Poland was attacked by Germany. Once the threat of a soviet attack from the East was removed, Hitler then moved on with his plans to conquer Poland. Hitler used the strategy called the “Blitzkrieg” or “Lighting war” to invade Poland. Poland was quickly under the control of Hitler.

This was the official start of World War Two

The Invasion of Poland

September 3, 1939
France and Great Britain declared war on Germany because of the attack on Poland.

September 17, 1939
Stalin sent Soviet troops to occupy the eastern half of Poland because of the previous agreement with Hitler. Stalin then proceeded to annex the regions.

November 1939
Stalin sent nearly 1 million troops into Finland to have a quick victory. The harsh winter was overwhelming to the soldiers which resulted in a long drawn out war The Soviet invaders won only through the number of soldiers. By 1940, Stalin had control of Lithuania, Estonia, and Finland

Invasion of Finland

March 1940
Stalin had forced the Finns to accept his surrender terms.

April 9, 1940
The ‘Phony War’ had ended. Hitler send soldiers to attack Denmark and Norway. Demark surrender within 4 hours.

The Battle for France & Great Britain:

May 1940
Hitler began a massive sweep through Holland, Belgium and Luxembourg. This was only a strategy to keep the allies focused on those countries. Germany then sliced through the Ardennes.

May 26, 1940
The Germans had trapped allied forces around the northern French city Lille. Belgium surrendered quickly.

June 10, 1940
Benito Mussolini joined forces with Hitler and declared war on France and Great Britain Italy then attacked France from the south.

June 14, 1940
Paris had fallen to the Germans.
France was now under German occupation

June 22, 1940
France officially surrendered.
The Germans then resumed to take control of northern part of the country

The Fall Of France

June 18, 1940
Charles de Gaulle delivered a broadcast from the BBC from England. De Gaulle led the Free French Military Forces that battled the Nazis until face was Liberated

August 1940
The Americans had cracked an important Japanese code!
Because of this, America knew there would be a threat to us later if we did not aid the Chinese resistance. America then aided the Chinese

Summer of 1940
The Luftwaffe began carrying out Operation...
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