World War 2 Letter

Topics: Death, Mother, Decomposition Pages: 2 (565 words) Published: December 28, 2008
Dear Robert, How are you son? How’s your mother? Tell her I’m fine that she doesn’t need to worry about me and that I will be home soon. It has already been a month since I’ve seen you. Thank you for the blanket and cookies that you gays sent me I really miss your mom’s cooking. Hopefully this letter will get to you. I wish I had never singled up to fight in the war. So my dear son don’t ever make the same mistake I’ve made just because I’ve became a Tommy doesn’t make you obligated to become a Tommy. Home feels like heaven compared to the trenches that we have to live in the bed are hard as rock and at night no one get some sleep because their too scared to die and never see their family again. The conditions over here are very cold and it so cold that it feels like a thousand knifes stabbing me and it always rains. Some of my friend is starting to have trench foot. Because of the cold, most people die from illness instead of from gunshot wounds. Over here lots of people have died so of the workers that I joined with in the war with they all died and rat are eating the dead bodies. I’m also scared that this is going to be my last letter to you. In the war lot of people dead especially when you try to get though the fence and in to no man’s land it really hard I nearly got shot at while trying to get though no man’s land. No man land is the land between the Tommy and the Hun the land is full body, crater, decomposing body, there was lot of smoke in the background the sky was grey and no life apart from the rat and there are lot of crater so if I were you I wouldn’t become a Tommy. Being a Tommy is not so much fun because lots of people died from shell, bomb and gas the gas is worst of last week I saw a person die because they didn’t put their gas mask in time I try to help them but it did not work because they were too scared to die. It was very hard to help the Tommy because he was moving a lot and my hand was numb from the freezing cold but I try as hard as...
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