World War 2 Essay

Topics: Winston Churchill, World War II, Adolf Hitler Pages: 3 (812 words) Published: December 18, 2010
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WWII Activity 5
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Western Europe – End of War: How might Winston Churchill have replied to this telegram?

Dear Sir,

I highly appreciate your gracious understanding and congratulatory words sent in your May 9th 1945 telegram. I rest assured that it means a lot. The struggles of the Second World War left our globe astonished, and the aftermath is still very depressing. Although I led Britain to victory, I am obligated to pass on the congratulations to the many civilians that risked their lives in order to save our Nation.

Even though the downfall of Germany is a magnificent victory and proud moment, I cannot stress enough that the war is still not over. The Japanese are still a strong, opposing force that have to be dealt with immediately. I am glad to see that the people of Britain are experiencing joy, but it is needed to be understood that much work is still required for the abolishment of the war. Not only are the Japanese a current problem but the fall of Germany has blossomed many new problems that will require much labor and hard work to secure.

One of the many current issues that have arisen is the tremendous reconstruction needed due to the damage of the war. The damages that the V1 and V2 bombs are endless, which were sent upon us by the Nazi’s of Germany. We are left with thousands of buildings, homes and schools completely crumbled. Not only will the reconstruction of these building require the hands and manual labor of thousands of our citizens but it will also require huge amounts of economic influence. The costs of the war have left our Nation with a lot less money than what we started with. Our Nation may have accomplished a magnificent thing but with victory comes sacrifice which is illustrated by the damage that our Nation has witnessed and received. Because of our country’s strength put forth by our troops on land and at sea, left our nation vulnerable to air attacks, which Hitler committed...
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