World War 2 Canadian Identity

Topics: Normandy Landings, Operation Overlord, Allies Pages: 1 (349 words) Published: December 16, 2012
Has Canadian identity changed for the better since the 1940’s?

Juno Beach, the code name of one of the five main landings on D-Day, substantially shaped the Canadian identity as a country that strives to fight in war, because of the previous disasters at Dieppe, the courageous acts of Canadian soldiers, and the deceitful strategy to success. Firstly, the devastating failure of the Dieppe Raid in 1942 established Canada as a serious fighting force in war situations. Canadians learned that tanks were vulnerable to the Germans, as they easily hindered them by setting various traps on the beach. Air and naval bombings became more essential to defeating enemy defenses. Additionally, the allied officers did not have enough knowledge and combat experiences, setting misguided verdicts to the Canadian soldiers. Thus, the unprepared combat during the Dieppe Raid greatly shaped the Canadian identity to fight in war. Secondly, the bravery of the Canadian soldiers deeply affected the Canadian identity to battle in war. During the first wave of Canadian infantry by LCA’s landing at 7:55, the assault troops raced across the beaches through the curtain of machine gun fire. The casualties were high; however, the Canadians were able to rush the pillboxes and eliminated the German points with Sten-guns, small arms fire grenades. As a result, the Canadian soldiers shaped the Canadian identity to achieve their global pride. Finally, the allied strategies in defeating the Germans shaped the Canadian identity to fight in war. For example, the allies successfully staged radio transmissions that made it seem as if they were going to invade North-East of Seine to trick the Germans. German response to the landings became slow; mobile troops were not authorized to counter-attack the Canadian beaches until the next day. Therefore, the devious tactics performed by the allies deeply shaped the Canadian identity to fight in war. In conclusion, the lessons learned from the failure at...
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