World War 2 / 1930's

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world war
Life in the 1930's

Sports: during the great depression, people were miserable. There was barley any good news in the papers. The best way to escape being miserable in that decade was sports. The soccer world cup, hockey, boxing and the summer olympics of 1936 were all great entertainment for the people stuck in the depression

Transportation: transportation was different back then from what it is today. They usually used cars or street cars to get from one place to another in a city. For long distances they used trains because the cars back then would be to slow and unreliable. Planes were the first choice by people who could afford it because it was a faster way of transportation.

Economy: In the 1930's, countries were faced with an economic depression. The stock market crashed in 1929 and ended the wild times of the 1920's. People were out of jobs and had to move out of their homes and farms in search for a better life. People would find themselves in a relief camp or in line at a soup kitchen and living on the streets.

The Holocaust

A state sponsored murder of 6 million Jewish people through out Germany and German occupied countries, led by Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party. Two thirds of the 9 million Jewish residence in Europe were murdered, 1 million Jewish kids, 2 million Jewish women and 3 million Jewish men. Jewish, Gypsy's, homosexuals, prisoners of war, people with disabilities and soviet and Polish civilians were taken to concentration camps to be murdered and torchered. 11 million civilians and prisoners of war were murdered by the Nazi regime during the holocaust. The concentration camps were used to kill the Jewish and Gypsy's by putting them gas chambers or working them to death and not feeding them. They would be shot on site if they were caught trying to escape or not working. [pic]

Native Canadians in ww2

From every region in Canada, Aboriginal people served in the armed force during world war 2. They were involved in every major battle and conflict in the war. 3000 treaty Aboriginals, 72 women and an unknown number of Inuit and other natives enlisted in the armed forces. 17 decorations for bravery were given out of the small group of natives that enlisted. The natives who stayed in Canada would rais money in help for the war efforts. Saskatchewan natives donated $17,257, and the File Hill native community raised $8,562. The women would work for the red cross and would sewed and knitted items for the solders over seas. The children would help the women knit socks and coats for the solder and also helped them fund rais.


D-DAY (Juno Beach)

It was the break of dawn at about 5:00 am on June 6, 1944. The invasion of Normandy was about to begin and every allied force participating new which beach head they had to liberate. The Americans had Utah and Omaha, the British had Gold and Sword, which left then last beach head in the middle for the Canadians... JUNO. The bombardment of the beaches had began. The lead landing craft were away from the ships in an hour. Within two hours the Canadians broke through the German defences and established a beach head.

Participating in the oncoming invasion were 155,000 solders, 5000 ships, 50,000 vehicles and 11,000 planes. 14,000 Canadians were to land on the beach. Another 450 were going to parachute behind enemy lines one hour in advance. Their objective was to destroy bridges over the river Dives and neutralize enemy strongpoints at the cross roads. Lancaster bombers and spitfires were sent from the Royal Canadian Airforce to support the solders landing on the beach form the air.

The Canadians on the beach were part of the British second army, under the command of Lt. General Miles Depsey. The third Canadian infantry division was commanded by Major General R. F. Keller and the Second Canadian Armored Brigade was under the command of Brigadier R.A. Wyman. The units were from all across Canada from the...
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