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Topics: World War I, World War II, Bosnia and Herzegovina Pages: 2 (250 words) Published: April 7, 2014
World HistoryName -Madison Plumer
Chapter 26, Section 1

Identify – Fill in the Blank

entente1.A non-binding agreement to follow common policies

militarism 2.Glorification of the military

Alsace and Lorraine 3.Provinces claimed by both Germany and France

ultimatum 4. A final demand

neutrality 5.The policy of not taking sides in a war

Multiple Choice

___B__ 6. Which nations made up the Triple Alliance?
A. Germany, Britain, FranceB. Germany, Italy, Austria-Hungary
C. Germany, Russia, Austria-HungryD. Germany, Britain, Russia

__C___ 7. Which of the following was a major cause of rising international tensions in the early 1900’s?
A. the first modern Olympic gamesB. Britain’s small navy
C. competition for colonial territoriesD. First Universal Peace Conference

__D___ 8. Why were Serbian nationalists angry when Francis Ferdinand of Austria-Hungary visited Bosnia? A They did not want him to succeed to the throne. B They wanted Bosnia to join the Russian empire. C They thought he supported the Slavs over the Serbs. D They saw the Austrians as oppressive foreign rulers.

____A_ 9. For which of the following reasons did Russia join in World War I?
Austria declared war on Serbia, and Russia was its ally.
Russia did not want Germany and Austria to gain new lands.
The British government asked Nicholas II to take sides.
William II sent an insulting telegram to Nicholas II.

___B__10. What was the Schlieffen Plan designed to avoid?
A. Britain’s involvement in the warB. a war on two fronts
C. a war with BelgiumD. an alliance with Russia
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