World View Travel

Topics: Interstate Highway System, Target market, Marketing Pages: 2 (470 words) Published: February 23, 2012
World View Travel

1. How would you describe World View Travel? What kind of agency is it?

World View Travel agency is a commercial agency. It depends on a few big customers for most of it business. We can also say that it is still in its growth stage.

2. What kind of an image do you feel this agency has?

It seems to have an excellent name and image between other companies compete in the city, because they take care of their clients by calling them and having a good relationship with them.

3. What do you consider to be the primary strengths and weaknesses of this agency?

- Working with big companies in the city and the good relationship with them. - The good image it has.
- The strong management by its owner Rene.

- Serving just a few customers is a risk of loosing any of which the company relay on. - Rene must have somebody to replace her in the management in case of her absence.

4. What are the primary target markets for World View in the next year? The next five years?

The future target market may be the other companies in the industry like smaller ones, private or governmental. After that it can target other customers looking for entertainment packages. 5. Which of the four marketing Ps have contributed directly to the success of World View?

In my opinion all Ps have contributed directly to the success of World View. The package is well designed to meet customers' needs and wants. The place, they are in a city that is heavily represented by middle class. The predominant industries in the city were banking-finance, insurance, pharmaceuticals, and electronics. The city also boasted a large medical complex which attracted many patients from outside the area and two universities. The city was located on a major interstate highway and was served by three major airlines and two commuter airlines. Two national hotel chains operated downtown properties, and several chains operated motels along the interstate...
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