World Trade Center Christmas Bazaar

Topics: World Trade Center, Empire State Building, Minoru Yamasaki Pages: 6 (1864 words) Published: September 12, 2014
"Ang nagsindi nitong ilaw, walang iba kundi ikaw. Salamat sa liwanag mo, muling magkakakulay ang pasko. Dahil ikaw Bro, ang star ng pasko." this song by Kapamilya Artists was the first song I heard when I entered the gate of World Trade Center. World Trade Center was located at Pasay City. You can see big sound systems outside the center that gave a wonderful sound. So what's with the World Trade Center? Why did I go there? Those questions will be answered by next lines of this story. I am wearing a white top with pink vest, a dark skinny jeans and a 4-inches red wedge. That outfit gave me an amazing look partnered to my face that was touched by a little powder and a pink lipstick of my lips. As usual, I opened my bag then checked by the security guard. I fall in line to buy a ticket. I need to buy ticket for me to enter the center. The ticket was cost fifty pesos (50php). When I got my ticket, a two guy was stopped me then they tear-off my ticket and gave me a stamp on my right hand. Before I enter, I saw an arch saying "Welcome." A red carpet on the floor. I walked on the red carpet with the feeling of I am like a royal daughter. Wow, that was so social! At my right side, you can see a nativity family, images of Santa Claus and his reindeers, and decorations for Christmas tree. At the center, you can see a big and tall white Christmas tree, down of this, a nativity family. It showed Mama Mary, Jesus Christ and the three Kings symbolizing the birth of our savior. While on the other side of the white Christmas tree, you can see one of the characters of the movie "Transformers", Optimus Prime. Optimus Prime is the leader of Autobots with the height of 7ft. tall. The Christmas spirits can really feel there. The place looked like for class A people only. But if you see the people inside the center, it looked like class B to class C kind. Different customers are inside such as professionals, workers, students, mothers, fathers, daughters and sons. That awesome place that gave me a big smile on my face. Other entrance door to the main event. I came inside and I'm amazed. I saw different stalls of different products. Different store names that caught my attention. "Shoelution" store in which their items are high-heels, flat shoes, rubber shoes and slippers. "Bachelor's Pad" store in which different clothes like pants, polo-shirts, t-shirts and shorts of handsome boys only. "Bali-bali Fashion & Apparel" store in which they sell designed curtains, clothes, towels, and different house-wares. "Catholic Book Center" that store which sell religious books and images of different Saints. Herbal-Tea store that sells different kinds of herbal tea. "Fun Tees in 5 Minutes" stall name in which their items were personalized. You can choose whatever designs you wanted for your shirt then you can get it after 5 minutes. "Maldita" stall name in which you feel like you belong to royal family when you came inside in their store. The store was made with the ambiance of being royal one. They sell elegant clothes for women. That was just some of the stall names inside the world trade center. Anyway, there was also a food stations. Nachos, pizza, heavy meals, sandwiches and frozen foods for the consumers. Imported chocolates were also available. You can drop by if you feel hungry inside the center. Can you imagine all-in-one at world trade center? That's a good idea! Inside the center, you can see different items categorized for babies, teens, men, ladies, and even for elders. Items such as foods, clothes, shoes, bags, toys for kids, gift ideas, accessories for women and men, house wares, kitchen wares, appliances, health and beauty wellness, cosmetics, customized bags, wallets, religious books and images, Santa images and Christmas decorations, and even different accessories for cell phones such as cell phone case and chains. Ready-to-eat foods like imported chocolates and candies, sandwiches, rice meals and even preservative foods were on sale....
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