World Studies Chapter 16 Review Guide

Topics: Louis XIV of France, Kingdom of England, Charles II of England Pages: 1 (289 words) Published: January 2, 2015

Directions: Fill in the blank with the correct name of the person that matches each description below.
People to Know:
1. King of Spain who advanced Catholic power throughout the world. ___________________________________ 2. Queen of England who encouraged sea captains to plunder Spanish treasure ships. ______________________ 3. French cardinal who strengthened the central gov’t by destroying the power of the nobles. ________________ 4. French king who built a palace at Versailles. ___________________________________________________ 5. First Stuart king of England. ______________________________________________________________ 6. Leader of the Roundheads in the English Civil War. ______________________________________________ 7. Firs woman to rule the Hapsburg lands. ______________________________________________________ 8. King of Prussia who used the army to strengthen the nation’s power. _________________________________ 9. Ruler of Russia who carried out social and economic reforms to modernize the nation. ____________________ 10. Ruler of Russia who seized territory from Poland. _______________________________________________

Directions: Answer each question in complete sentences. Use supporting detail from your text and notes in your answers.

Review Questions:
11. Explain three ways Philip II of Spain strengthened the power of the monarchy in Spain. 12. List thee reasons for the decline of Spanish power in the 1600’s. 13. Which French ruler passed the Edict of Nantes? What did the Edict of Nantes grant the Huguenots? 14. Under which French king did French culture become the standard of European taste? 15. List the successes and failures of King Louis XIV of France. 16. Who challenged the Stuart kings’ claims to absolute power? 17. How did the Glorious Revolution in England set the stage for a limited monarchy? 18. List two causes and two effects of the Thirty Years’ War. 19. During the 1700’s, which two nations battled for...
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