World Revolution Research DBQ Essay

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World Revolutions
Essential Questions:
1. How did new ideas influence subsequent revolutions throughout the world? 2. How did philosophical ideas alter ideologies throughout the world? Historical Context: Throughout world history, revolutions in different areas have forever affected the way people think and live. A common thread among revolutions is that they have specific causes and effects. In the end, revolution is about change-change that continues to affect human history.

Task: To test your ability to work with historical documents for the world revolution you are most interested in learning more about. Some of the documents have been edited for the purposes of the question. As you analyze the documents, take into account both the source of each document and any point of view that may be presented in the document.

You are to complete the following:

Describe two (2) major effects/legacies of each of the six (6) revolutions. Revolutions: English, American, French, Russian, Haitian, and Cuban. Explain in a three paragraph essay, which revolution, in your opinion, had the greatest impact on the world.

You have two (2) tasks at hand: Answer the question for all six (6) revolutions and write a three (3) paragraph essay. You do not have to answer any DBQ questions, BUT should look at them to give you guidance. Look up and analyze why the Revolutions occurred if documents did not help you! Reference documents/sources in both the question and essay!

DUE FRIDAY 12/19!!
World Revolutions Rubric
NAME _____________________Grade (out of 30 pts) ________
(Test & Project)

Proper analysis of the 2 major effectsWorth 12 ptsYou Got ____

Intro (including thesis) set up the essayWorth 3 ptsYou Got ____ (provided general insight into main points to come)

Smoothly incorporated synthesis/reasons in essay Worth 10 ptsYou Got ____

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