World Religions: the Changing Roles of Women Throughout Religion

Topics: Israel, Islam, Torah Pages: 4 (1309 words) Published: June 20, 2013
Stacy C. Darracott
Professor Blasdell
RE 109
26 February 2013
The roles of Women past and present and how the differ, within the three major religious groups
The roles of women within the three major religious groups have changed throughout the years. Their beginnings; as-well-as, their current situation, have played an important part in how women are viewed within the Jewish, Christian, and Islamic communities. For this paper, I plan to examine what those roles were and how women in these faiths are now CEO’s, business owners, and important leaders within their respective communities.

Roles of women within the Islamic faith vary from country-to-country. However, the roles of Islamic women are fairly standard and, in many countries, are open to interpretation based on how devoted they and their families are. The majority of Muslims live in more conservative countries, where women are required by law to be completely covered while in public or in the presence of men who are not family, or their husband. In these that require this of their women, those women are not allowed to work outside their homes. Their “job” is to maintain the household and tend to the children.

In westernized countries, the burqua is seen as a symbol of repression for Islamic women. But for most of the women who live in the countries where it is required, they see the burqua as a means of protection for unwanted attention by the opposite sex. The “dress code” for these women have changed in ways that might not be apparent to the outsiders, but women now wear heels, brightly colored nail polish and other things that many westerners take for granted. Another change for conservative Muslim women, is the allowance of women to compete for their countries in athletic events such as the Olympics. They are still required to keep their legs covered, and are required to compete in their events wearing their head coverings and track suits. Conservative Muslim women are now...

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