World Religions in Public Schools

Topics: Christianity, Education, Religion Pages: 2 (687 words) Published: October 11, 2012
Kirstin Sargent
Prof. Tooley
Argumentative Essay
23 September 2012
World Religions in Public Schools
Every parent wants their child to receive the best educational experience in their public schools. Subjects such as math, science, and English are never in question. However, a more controversial subject such as world religions has been debated in America for several years? This subject is seldom seen in a public schools curriculum. The teaching of world religions in public schools helps students to understand political affairs, helps them to know the history of their religion and that of others, and helps to properly teach the history and growth of civilizations. Politics amongst nations often has a lot to do with religion. Take for example the current crisis in the Middle East. In order to fully understand what the people of that culture were thinking when they attacked us, we need to know about their religion. World religions do not just influence today’s politics, but past politics as well. One very famous set of wars, the crusades, were carried through in the name of the Christian religion. Teaching world religion at a public school level will greatly increase our youths understanding of these politics.

It has been noted that a large percentage of grade school age children do not know of the religion they are practicing or that of other peoples. Including a world religions class in our public schools will help to resolve this. By knowing the history of your religion, you gain a better appreciation for it. This is also true for other people’s religions. With knowledge comes understanding and acceptance. If the goal of mankind is to succeed in developing world peace, the best place to start in with the youth. The most efficient way to do this is through our school systems. Bigamy is a major issue in today’s society and this is what today’s youth is absorbing. If we raise and teach them to be accepting of other religions and cultures it will stick...
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