World religions

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World Religions 1

6.Purity and Monasticism
Time when religion developed a sense of purity and order to be observed. If you violate the order, you are considered sinful
For example, pork is impure to some religions; to others it is a delicacy. Ex. Indians see cows as a sacred picture. Eating cows are not considered pure Ex. In Christianity, you shall not worship other deities.

Follow the prder wthin your religion.

7. Mystery religion
Meditate to attain an experience.
Mystical experience: be one with everything else.

8. God on earth
Reincarnation of a god on earth.
Ex. Jesus (Christianity), Dalai Llama (Buddhist)
Humans could be more than humans. More divine

9. Scriptural religion
All these religions began with oral religion
First scriptural was a decade after Jesus died.
Disciples try their best to remember the word of god and write them down. Objects of worship. Thought to carry sacred powers.

10. Fundamentalism
Similar to spiritual religion
People take these literatures literally

“Hinduism is the dominant religion of India”
Problematic because of the three statements: Hinduism, religion, India. They’re not terms that originate from India.
Each one of them suggests uniformity and consistency that does not actually exist.

When we study the religious traditions of the East, we must accustom ourselves to: Diversity
The “Hindu “and hence “Hinduism” are of Persian origin from around the 12th century CE. Sanatana dharma = “eternal law”
Eternal duty until they attain liberation
Observed life after life. (Reincarnation)

Most Hindus see themselves as devotees of a particular of God or Goddess, such as Siva or Vishnu.

“Tilaks” = forehead markings

The word “religion” derives from the Latin “Religio”

Outsider vs Insider
Insider knows things that the outsiders will never know and vice versa.

In India:
Muslims = 100 mil
Sikhs = 20 mil
Christians = 20 mil
Buddhist = 3-4 mil
Jains = 2 mil...
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