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Topics: World population, Population, Demography Pages: 2 (527 words) Published: December 12, 2012
The day when the world population reached five hundred crores was 11th July, 1987. United Nations Organization has decided to celebrate that day as world population day. The objective of celebrating the world population day was to increase awareness in people about population control. According to United States Census bureau, world population has crossed 693 crores.  Given below or few facts about world population. * Population growth in the last fifty years is more than the growth in the previous twenty lakh years. * During 1900 to 2000, population growth rate has been recorded as 400 percent. * There is estimation that in the year 2050, world population will be between 705 crores to 1000 crores. * In the total world population, 60 percent population is present in Asia alone. ( The population percentage in China and India is 37%).In the following place is Africa with 15% population, Europe with 11%; Caribbean region with 9%; North America with 5% and Oceania with 0.5% population. * According to CIA world fact book 2009, nearly 2.20 lakh people are being born every day in the world. * Death rate is 1.84 per second while birth rate is 4.3 per second. Population  growth rate is 2.46 per second. * Presently the world population growth rate being recorded is 1.2% per year. In another 58 years, world population will be doubled. * China is in the first place with 134.4 crore population. In the second place is India with 121 crore population. * The country with least population is Vatican City with the population of 800. * According to CIA world fact book surveys, 27% of the world population are below 15 years of age. * The population in India is 121 crores and male population is 62.37 while female population is 58.65 crores. The ratio of male and female is 1000:940. * Indian population was 35 crores in 1947. In 2001, it has reached 102 crores. * Indian population is equal to the total population of America, Indonesia, Brazil,...
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