World Peace a blind wife paper

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World Peace, a Blind Wife, and Gecko Tails
“World Peace, a Blind Wife, and Gecko Tails” is a book containing a collection of newspaper columns from the Saipan Tribune. Since November 2004, ophthalmologist and author Dr. David Khorram shares his insights and life experiences in his weekly column “Better Living”. Dr. Khorram shares his wisdom and observations on a vast array of topics with titles from “Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers” to “How to Eat Out with Kids and Keep Your Dignity”. My first reaction to this book was one of curiosity. I was curious about the title of this book and I was also interested in how this book would apply to my sociology class, which I am taking at the University of Guam. The column, “An Easy Way to Happiness” is a simple and creative approach to the universal quest for happiness and well-being. Dr. Khorram begins by examining how practicing gratitude has positive effects on both emotional and physical wellbeing. This column offers ideas on how to develop habits of gratefulness, such as making a list of all of the things that you are grateful for. It is very easy to feel and be grateful when circumstances are good. The real test is having genuine gratefulness when life is difficult. If we decide to show more gratitude towards others daily, we can have a more positive effect on our community and families. Having gratitude is a reward in itself. The more a person attempts to show gratitude, the more he will be able to appreciate the little things in life. Gratitude is a form of appreciation and appreciation can help lead us to contentment. Contentment is to be satisfied. Being satisfied encourages feelings of being at peace. When we are at peace, it will be easier for us to experience happiness. Gratitude is an easy way to experience happiness. ”Look in the Mirror” is a response to a reader, who poses the question, “What can I do to not dwell on the faults of others?” Dr. Khorram encourages his readers to not focus on the faults and failings of others, but to use that energy and focus to address our own shortcomings and failures. He advises us to fight our natural tendency of examining others imperfections, while trying to avoid fixing our own faults. I feel that most people have fallen victim towards this habit. It is less painful to examine another person’s life, than to deal with the decisions that have created their current situation. It is a coping mechanism for some, a way to escape their reality which they have created. Some people may feel that they will never be able to change themselves or their circumstances. And rather than dealing with their reality, they refuse to look into the mirror. And by doing this, they are refusing to grow. “What Is Your Destiny” is a column about finding out what we have been created to accomplish. The author describes being at a dinner event that had a live performance. An invitation stated that the performer was a master of the ukulele. When a young man took the stage to perform, people in the audience made statements about his youth. They envisioned someone older as a master, not this young man. They judged his appearance and some believed that he was too young to be considered a master. After they heard him play, they realized that he was a skilled musical artist of the ukulele. This column reminded me not to judge by appearances only. Don’t judge a book by the cover. Finding out what your purpose in life is a blessing. Direction helps one to find meaning in life. The author talks a little about how the educational system might change if it were focused on helping children find out what their gifts and talents are. “The Community’s Untapped Resource” borrows from the Book of Proverbs, “Where there is no vision, the people perish”. The author tries to envision the ideal community for the future of Micronesia. Thoughts about Saipan’s children and their futures. What do we want for our children? What will be the future vision for this island? The author’s...
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