World Largest Building Materials Consumption Nation, China Insists on Green Way

Topics: Oxygen, Economics, Carbon dioxide Pages: 1 (271 words) Published: February 26, 2014
Building materials industry is one of the largest markets of wear resistant industry, besides cement industry, some new construction materials industries become important partners of wear resistant industry. KAIYUAN COMPANY has established long term cooperative relationship with China’s largest pipe pile manufacture---Jianhua Pipe Pile. China has become the world’s largest construction materials consumption nation. The development potential in construction materials industry is huge. Wear-resistant manufacturers should pay close attention to the trend of building materials industry and seize the opportunity in time.

At present, China has become world largest construction materials production and consumption nation. China’s construction materials industry ranks top place in the world in terms of production scale, varieties and output. Figures show that per capital consumption of 1.7 tons cement, 0.85 weight boxes of glass, 7.17 square meters of ceramic and 2.2 kg of glass fiber.

Construction materials industry has made a great contribution to national economy and society development. But there exists many problems of construction materials industry. Energy consumption of construction materials industry accounts for 7% of national total energy consumption and 10% of industrial energy consumption. Because of dust, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide emissions, building materials industry is the key industry national emission regulation. Therefore, green development, recyclable development and low carbon development become the healthy development of building materials industry direction.

The development of green building materials road is very important for construction materials industry. Addition to their own energy-saving emission reduction of social responsibility, obligation, upstream and downstream industry chain cooperation and joint force is the key to the traditional industrial traffic green road....
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