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Topics: The World Is Flat, Globalization, Soviet Union Pages: 13 (5190 words) Published: January 17, 2014
The book “The World is Flat: A Brief History of the Twenty – First Century” is written by a famous journalist, he is also a columnist from a well known magazine name New York Times, and lastly, an author of many books, Mr. Thomas Friedman.Mr. Thomas Friedman was born on July 20, 1953 at St. Luis Park, Minnesota, United States. He was married to Mrs. Ann Friedman on 1978 and had two children named Orly and Natalie Friedman.

We can also call him as a scholar, I mean a great guy that could be one of the geniuses, on globalization and international trading between different countries for when he writes for New York Time Magazine, most of his article are all about foreign affairs and also global trade and because of that he has won the PULITZER awards three times, twice for international reporting and once for commentary.

Mr. Friedman faces different criticism from different people from different field of expertise. But most people from the business field of expertise support the metaphor quoted by Mr. Freidman that the world is flat especially in the world of IT’s, most on technological expertise. Mr. Friedman is easily amazed by technological innovations. So, is it only technological breakthrough is the only reason why the world is turning or becoming flat? How about other aspects of the world that turns the world flat?

Before I explained every chapter from the book the world is flat, most explanation is about the ten flatteners. Mr. Friedman talk about globalization, of course he is one of the running scholar for globalization, that globalization, through this, the world playing ground between developed, developing, and under - develop countries are being leveled and it shrink the world from a size of large to the size of medium and to the size of a tiny. Mr. Friedman also pointed out that the only way to survive this globalization through the world is to be more curious and to have more passion for it is the wealth of tomorrow.

These lines were addressed to its country, United States. For Mr. Friedman, his countrywas basically the role model for the modern world which is basically not the role model for most scholars like Berkeley economist David Levine as he pointed out that even Japan had a lesser poverty line together with Canada, France and even UK (United Kingdom) so how does he stand with that, the United States of America is the lead role model for modern world? One passage from the book is that “my parents used to remind me to finish my dinner for people in China and India are starving but nowadays Friedman used to remind his sibling to finish their homework for people from different corner of the world are starving for the jobs that their taking too”. These suggest that Friedman was scared that when the time comes American jobs are not for Americans but for other races of individual for the jobs require higher qualifications and need also an extra skill for every individual for a certain jobs. In short, the educational attainment of an individual that can get from United State of America is now also attainable from different corners of the world (most developing countries). In short Mr. Friedman’s implies thatthe power which every country is going to posses is through technological innovations and economic progresses.

Mr. Friedman alsosuggest the immediately need for a change on nations, individuals, and organizations to become more productive and competitive in the world market, where some of the wall that barricade this were crash down like historical and geographical division. That was the effect of the globalization throughout the world. The effect of globalization to a certain nations may bring both negative and positive effect. Negative effect when elites countries use the weakness of a certain skill for his/her could get a higher profit and positive effect when you see a certain development to a place like technologies, industrial, finance, etc…

Mr. Thomas Friedman divided globalization into...
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