World History Unit Test

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2.15: Unit 2 Test
This test is open-book, please look up anything that you are not sure of. This test is due on Wednesday, February 27th. Type the letter of the countries that are numbered next to their number in the box to the lower right. 2 Maps! (There is a map on 275, use it!)

Multiple Choice:
1. What was a benefit television offered the world after its commercial inception? (238) A: It helped world leaders communicate instantly.
B: Soap operas and variety shows accurately depicted life in America. C: Viewers were able to see events and distant lands they would probably never see in person. D: Jersey Shore.

2. What impression did foreign viewers get of Americans after watching their shows? (238) A: All Americans are destitute and unemployed.
B: America is the land of plenty and its middle class citizens are squeaky clean. C: It became obvious that the USSR had beaten the Americans in the Cold War because of the poor quality of TV shows. D: American bands such as the Rolling Stones and the Beatles were influential to world culture.

3. How did the launch of Sputnik affect relations between America and the Soviet Union? (239) A: Tensions Increased and the Space Race began.
B: The Soviets won the Space Race.
C: America abandoned its space research programs.
D: It proved to the Russians that their technology was inferior.

4. Which country won the Space Race by landing an astronaut on the Moon? (242) A: The Soviet Union
B: The United States of America

5: The Green revolution helped do what? (243-244)
A: Increase the amount of water a nation can purify in a year. B: Increase the amount of vaccinations it could perform in a year. C: Reduce the amount of malnutrition through advanced agricultural practices. D: Guaranteed that Ralph Nader would never go away.

6. This band kicked of the British Invasion by appearing on the Ed Sullivan Show on February 9th, 1964. (249) A: The Beatles
B: The Rolling Stones
C: The Mothers of Invention
D: One Direction

7. The proliferation of world cultures has had what effect on human beings? A: We can now enjoy and appreciate how others live in this world. B: We can now detest and deplore how others live in this world. C: If you have a good black market connection, you can sell blue jeans in Iran for top dollar. D: All of these.

8. True or False; Decolonization was a relatively peaceful process. (253-254) A: True
B: False

9. Which best describes the situation in most newly independent African nations in the 60’s and 70’s? (261-265) A: Violence, civil war, and unrest.
B: Smooth and peaceful transition to independence.
C: Most dictators were replaced by European stewards.
D: Gandhi led India to its independence from England through non-violent protest.

10. What two countries were created out of India after independence from Britain? (256, or use a map) A: India and Afghanistan
B: India and Pakistan
C: India and Turkmenistan
D: India and Bangladesh

11. How did the state of Israel come into existence? (275-276) A: The United Stated purchased land for Jewish settlers from Egypt and Syria. B: A United Nations resolution created Israel out of parts of the existing state of Palestine.

12. In Nasser’s view of Pan-Arabism, all Arabs should do what? (278) A: Work as one to achieve the ideal Islamic society.
B: Beat the Americans to the moon and win the Space Race.
C: Take sides with the Soviets to crush Western influence. D: Buy shares of Coca-Cola.

13. True or False: All revenues from oil sales go back to the citizens of oil producing nations, eliminating poverty. A: True
B: False.

14. What was the goal of the PLO? (280)
A: To fight American influence in the Middle East.
B: To fight Soviet influence in the Middle East.
C: The creation of a united Arab empire.
D: Liberate Palestine.
15. True or False: Yasser Arafat kinda looks like Ringo Starr....
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