World History: Soviet Union and Stalin

Topics: Soviet Union, Communism, Communist state Pages: 3 (1010 words) Published: December 10, 2012
Ciara McKeon
Essay 3
Professor Martin
World History 102

The take over of Joseph Stalin in 1928 from Vladimiar Lenin started a revolution it led many of the soviet peoples lives to be changed in many circumstances that were not as they would have hoped. Life in the Soviet Union was harsh and firm on almost all of the population of the large country known as the Soviet Union. Stalin was pushing his five-year plan with a hard iron fist. Even with ruling of the iron fist people of Soviet Union bought more and more into the plan of Stalin. Stalin to the soviets was a god he could do know wrong and although the purges cause many in the Soviet Union heartache and frustration with there government they continued to feed the country. Stalin made a country think eat breathe Stalinism.

The Soviet Union was made up of all different types of entities. The Main party was the Supreme Soviet. Since there was only one political party there was not too much of democracy for the country to run off of. The communist definition of “democracy” was the diction of the population. Once the communist system was put into place this ment that there was no place or reason for the individual rights. The head of state was the communist party leader Stalin and he ruled all. As the head of the party Stalin had control of the economy and the industry of all of the Soviet Union and most of the people choices.

The government would take total control over peoples lives and liberties. This meant telling people where to live, work and to educate there children. People in the Soviet Union were endorsed and encourage to spy on each other these people were known as the secret police it allowed for the government to clamp down on attempts of treason. Communism inserts the ideal that everyone should work as hard as they can for the mother country for the great good and they would be awarded with what they need. Stalin’s rise to power was a combination of his ability to manipulate...
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