World History Notes: 1960-1975

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1960s – mid 1970s = “Imperial Presidency” (followed by weak presidents – Ford & Carter) Carter Administration (Democrat)
Election of 1976 – close election (Carter vs. Ford)
Human Rights Advocate
Appointed Andrew Young – 1st African American appointed to United Nations •Gave Panamanians back control of the Panama Canal (Carter’s Giveaway) •1978 – brought together president of Israel and president of Egypt •Israel and Egypt had been enemies for years

There had been a war in 1973 when Israel was attacked by Syria and Egypt on Yom Kippur (Yom Kippur War) – U.S. helped Israel and it took 6 days for them to win (Israelis used U.S. weapons) •As a result of this war, OPEC placed an embargo on oil to any country that helped Israel in the war (punishing U.S. for helping Israel) •So, in 1978 – leader of Egypt was Sadat, leader of Israel was Begin; Carter brought them to Camp David (presidential area) and they met for 5 days •Camp David Accords: peace agreement between Israel and Egypt – Egypt became first Arab country to recognize Israel as a legitimate country – acceptance of each other’s existence (Sadat was later killed by his own people for making this treaty) •Immigration was unrestricted – quota acts dropped – immigrants coming to the United States in large numbers •Immigrants coming from South America and Southeast Asia (Vietnam, Korea) •Traditional European immigrants replaced by Asian immigrants •Carter was a big supporter, but the laws against the illegal immigrants were so weak that 12 million illegal immigrants came to U.S. in Carter years •Immigration Reform and Control Act – fined and penalized employers for hiring illegal immigrants •Highest Asian immigrants in 1970s: Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, and Vietnamese •Gay Liberation Movement – by the mid-70s homosexuality was no longer classified as it was before (prior to 1977 homosexuality was classified as a mental illness) •Civil Service Commission had a ban on gay people

1979 –...
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