World History Multiple Choice Questions

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Archaeologists call the earliest Americans:
a. Indios.
b. Paleo-Indians.
c. Native Americans.
d. Siberians.


Which group dominated Mexico from 900 to 1100 A.D.?
a. the Aztecs
b. the Toltecs
c. the Mayans
d. the Olmecs


In the fourteenth century, Europeans were most familiar with the _________ part of Africa. a. southern
b. western
c. northern
d. eastern


Slave status in Africa was:
a. generally permanent.
b. transferred from parent to child.
c. not necessarily permanent.
d. voluntary.


The Renaissance originated in the city-states of:
a. Italy.
b. Portugal.
c. Greece.
d. Spain.


Of the following countries/regions, which was least involved in voyages of discovery? a. Portugal
b. France
c. England
d. Italy


The conquistadors were primarily interested in:
a. founding settlements.
b. fighting Muslims.
c. spreading Christianity.
d. finding gold.


What has been dubbed “the Columbian exchange”?
a. the spread of Christianity among the Indians
b. the spread of trade throughout America
c. the transfer of gold from America to Europe
d. the spread of European diseases to America


England’s first colonization target under King Henry VIII and Queen Elizabeth was: a. France.
b. North Africa.
c. Ireland.
d. Cuba.

10. Gilbert and others believed there was an English population: a. deficit.
b. equilibrium.
c. surplus.
d. none of these answers

11. Which product fueled the demand for furs in Europe in the early 1600s? a. beaver fur hats
b. fur coats
c. mink hats
d. otter fur pouches

12. By 1600, which group had become the leading economic power in Europe? a. the French
b. the Dutch
c. the English
d. the Irish

13. What was the House of Burgesses?
a. a large trading center in Virginia
b. the home of the colonial governor
c. the first legislative body in English America
d. the colonial courthouse

14. What were the greatest causes of death in the Virginia Company’s settlements? a. Indian attacks
b. battles with the French
c. starvation and disease
d. severe weather problems


Indentured servants received what for their labor?
a. a steady wage
b. nothing
c. a portion of the crops they harvested
d. free passage to America


This figure ruled England as a protectorate for nearly a decade: a. George Calvert.
b. Oliver Cromwell.
c. John Smith.
d. Walter Raleigh.


Freemen in the General Court in Massachusetts were those male property holders who: a. were church members.
b. owned slaves.
c. had royal titles.
d. were church clergy.

10. Governor Winthrop generally:
a. supported Anne Hutchinson’s activities.
b. was ignorant of Anne Hutchinson’s activities.
c. was upset by Anne Hutchinson’s activities.
d. considered Anne Hutchinson an ally.
11. Unlike the Virginia settlers, most New Englanders settled in America with: a. no family.
b. their families.
c. little money.
d. slaves in tow.

12. Relative to Virginia’s economy, New England’s economy was: a. more agricultural.
b. less diversified.
c. more rural.
d. more diversified.

13. The switch to sugar as the primary crop in the West Indies led to: a. less use of African slaves.
b. more use of African slaves.
c. no changes in the slave trade.
d. large scale English immigration.

22. England’s economic system between 1651 and 1733 could best be described as: a. feudal.
b. mercantilist.
c. socialist.
d. physiocratic.

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23. In the eighteenth century, which of the following had the highest export share of manufactured products?
a. Africa
b. West Indies
c. British mainland colonies
d. Great Britain

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24. When a combination of poor harvests and warfare in Europe created demand, many colonial farmers diversified by producing this crop:
a. cotton.
b. corn.
c. indigo.
d. wheat.

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