The world is a dangerous place to live in

Topics: War, Environmentalism, Causality Pages: 1 (354 words) Published: May 28, 2004
The world has now developed into a remote killer due to many reasons of war, terrorism etc... This can be even explained as the man digging his own grave. The many aspects of man living has been demolished by man himself by doing thoughtless acts which have caused it a worry to even live in this world. Man has exploited several innovations but the method in which it has been used is a constant problem. One such problem is nuclear deposits. Scientists invented this to provide more consistency in producing electricity but the government is now using this for violent procedures such as war. Nuclear power can cause great destruction to the society and these weapons shouldn't be used for these purposes. Another reason is because of the increasing hostility between two countries which ends in endless wars. To abolish these possibilities new peace campaigns should go underway before further colossal damage has occurred. One other growing problem is the increasing number of viruses and diseases which have caused several deaths in our environment. New viruses are increasing in number and authorities are having trouble in controlling this vast number. The reason for this is people aren't educated enough to understand what causes viruses and when they don't know this, they can easily get a virus. It should be the health officials who should take the initiative to address to the public what causes these viruses and methods of avoiding them. There are many more factors that cause the world to be a dangerous place to live in. One such factor is pollution. Pollution is the polluting of our environment and we do this excessively. This is mostly done by factories which release gases and oils into the environment. There have been certain measures undertaken in the past to decrease pollution but it didn't produce hardcore results. I finally believe that this world very well is a dangerous place to live in and everyone should work together as a unit to provide as much assistance as...
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