World Cup for London Analysis

Topics: FIFA World Cup, England national football team, Wembley Stadium Pages: 6 (1455 words) Published: December 10, 2010

Page 1. Introduction------------------------------------------------ 2 2. Primary Research---------------------------------------- 2 2.1. Methodology---------------------------------------- 2 2.2. Findings---------------------------------------------- 3 3. Discussion-------------------------------------------------- 4 4. Conclusion---------------------------------------------------4 5. References------------------------------------------------- 6 6. Appendix---------------------------------------------------- 7 6.1. Questionnaire-------------------------------------- 7

1. Introduction

Football is one of the most popular sports in the world. In addition, to host the FIFA World Cup might be considered a great honour for all countries but also extremely competitive. If any country wants to bid for host the FIFA World Cup, there is a significant point, the stadia. According to BBC ( HYPERLINK "", ’provide at least 12 stadia with minimum capacities of 40,000, with the final to be held in a stadium with a capacity of at least 80,000.’ This means the countries must meet certain conditions in order to join the bid. Furthermore, England is now bidding for the FIFA World Cup host in 2018. There is one significant argument in favour of England hosting in 2018, the stadia. Hubpages ( points out that Wembley national stadium with 90,000 seats was one of the world's most famous football stadium. It can be a important argument over England is suitable for hosting the FIFA World Cup in 2018. This project will mainly focus on discussing significant argument in favour of England hosting the 2018 World Cup.

2. Primary Research
2.1 Methodology

This survey was conducted on 6th July 2010, by giving a questionnaire with 9 questions to 12 overseas students who were studying for pre-sessional course at Brunel University. The purpose of this survey was to ask what was the most significant argument in favour of England hosting the 2018 World Cup. The first aspect of this questionnaure searched for opinions of these 12 overseas students about what were the benefits for England if it hosts the World Cup. The second aspect of the questionnaire was to find what were the advantages if England hosts the World Cup. The details of the sample are shown below, and the main findings were revealed in the following section (2.2).

Sample Group

Table 1: Age distribution of students
|Age Group |~ 20 |21~ 30 |31~ 40 | 41~ | |Percentage |0% |91.67% |8.33% |0% |

Table 2: Gender distribution of students
|Gender |Male |Female | |Percentage |16.67% |83.33% |

2.2 Findings

In the data, the first aspect of this questionnaire showed that the significant majority (83.33%) had heard of FIFA. In addition, over half, 58.33% of respondents, claimed that they had no will to travel to the country that is now hosting the World Cup. Furthermore, 91.67% of respondents thought that the World Cup should be held in the birthplace of football: England and it had a symbolic meaning. With regard to the questions in the second aspect of the survey, the 12 overseas students were asked about core questions in favour of England hosting the World Cup. However, the result was effective. The most significant finding was that half of the respondents (50%) pointed out that England had positive football stadia was extremely important. In addition, half of them(50%) did not think that a highly developed broadcast...

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