World Changes

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The past few years, society has gone through many changes. Society has changed for the better in many ways, yet the negatives over power the positives. America has been a great country for a long time. The American dream has been looked after for centuries but it seems as if now, it is harder to achieve than ever. These not so positive changes are seen through a lack of education, lack of imagination, and lack of individuality. This so called “American dream” is almost impossible to achieve, because individuals do not appear to be valuing an education as much in the past years. At the same time with people not caring about school, colleges are making it harder and harder for students to get in. This wouldn’t be such a problem if people were actually taking education seriously. Individuals try to be the people that are seen on television, attempting to go with out a high school diploma and will not make it in the real world. These types of people will work the system and will take money away from the actual hard working American. Nowadays it is a sad, but true statistic that people live longer and there may not be enough social security money for the hard working people when retirement comes around. This makes it really hard to argue that the American society has changed for the better. In today's society, instead of sitting down to read a book, kids go onto the computer and start browsing the internet or play a game. This isn’t such a great thing because children today are not even using imagination anymore. There are also more and more cars now with television screens for the passengers in the back seats to watch a movie while in the car. This seems like a good idea on the surface to parents because they won’t to do any real parenting in the car. Parents pop a movie in and the kids are in another world. This may not let the child develop ways to entertain themselves. On a trip across the country, a kid may be able to see the environment or just use...
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