World as we know it

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“World As We Know It”
In the essay “America Needs Its Nerds” by Leonid Fridman, he writes that Americans are so concerned about sports and popularity that they tend to neglect education. This is very true to where I come from. My high school community emphasized sports rather than education. It did not matter if you got good grades or not. Students are not learning to become doctors, scientists, teachers, or any other important job that will help our future. All that mattered was how well the high school students did on the field or the court. The education system’s focus appears to be on how students can become better athletes as opposed to a better future for America. Fridman’s claim is that America is going to become more dependent on other countries if we, as Americans, do not change our ways and encourage academics. In high school I studied way more than I let on. I would go home and do homework. If my friends asked what I was doing I would usually tell them that I was playing xbox or something like that. The author states that “many students are ashamed to admit, even to their friends, how much they study.”(Fridman 257) I think that this is true. I have many friends that play sports who do very well in school. These students are the ones who were studying hard. The author also says “Nerds are ostracized while athletes are idolized.”(Fridman 257) This position I do not really agree with. Athletes may have more friends just because they have whole teams to become friends with. Not all of my friends are from my high school. I met most of my friends through sports and sporting events. I personally think that sports are one of the best ways to meet people like you. Nerds, on the other hand, are more idolized by the teachers. The students who get good grades are the ones teachers are proud of. Nerds could have many friends if they would join clubs. The smart kids usually hang out with other smart kids in clubs like Chemistry Club or Math Club where they can...
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