World's Worst Dictators

Topics: People's Republic of China, One-child policy, Abortion Pages: 2 (377 words) Published: September 7, 2008
World’s Worst Dictators
There are many different dictators in the world, who have all done horrific and immoral things. They all have their worst points, and different people rank the “Worlds Worst Dictators” differently. I believe that Hu Jintao, from China, is the number one worst dictator, King Abdullah from, Saudi Arabia, is second, and Sayyid Ali Khamernei, from Iran, is third.

Sayyid Ali Khamernei has been the dictator of Iran since 1989. Since then he has oppressed the rights of women, stored nuclear weapons, carried out public hangings, and destroyed media and music stores. Sayyid Ali Khamernei is number three on our list of World’s Worst Dictators because he has executed hundreds of people, supports nuclear activity in his country, even though the UN has restricted all nuclear weapons.

King Abdullah has been the dictator of Saudi Arabia since 1995. He has led a punitive justice system, where he can sentence anyone including teens to death for little or no reason. One of the worst things about his rule is that women aren’t allowed to do anything without the permission of a male guardian. He has been suspected to be involved in the 9/11 attack, because many of the bombers were Saudi, but no concrete evidence has been found. King Abdullah is number two on out list.

Hu Jintao of China has been in power since 2002. He has China locked down and ALL public news formats are censored and restricted by the Chinese government. Hu Jintao supports the “one child policy” which limits all the families in China to only having one child. In our opinion the worst thing that he has done is forced abortions because of the one child law. He enforces that law brutally and forces mothers who already have a child to abort their pregnancy. That is why we believe that Hu Jintao is the number one World’s Worst Dictator.

All of these people have been dictators for a long time and have done many horrific things. Sayyid Ali Khamernei has carried out public...
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