World's Most Dangerous Drug

Topics: Drug addiction, Methamphetamine, Cocaine Pages: 3 (1208 words) Published: April 18, 2012
In the film World’s Most Dangerous Drug, they introduced the drug Methamphetamines best known as Meth by showing pictures of victims of the drug and telling their stories. Telling us the horrors of the drug and how it breaks apart not only families but also the individuals that consume the drug. Also shows the stories of four individuals, and two of the individuals were a young couple who took the drug for the first time at a party and unfortunately died because of the effects and the hallucinations.

In my opinion, drugs are very harmful. Not only are they a threat to your body, but they are also a major cause of families being torn apart. Addicting drugs like Methamphetamines are the reason why many drug users find themselves years later with no money, no career, no friends and abandoned by their own families. Your willing to spend your last dime on Methamphetamines, forsaking every other financial duty, you’d be willing to do things way out of your character to get more Methamphetamines bringing shame and embarrassment to your family and to yourself.

Morally I think it is wrong because you are not supposed to pollute your body with toxins, it is not natural, in my opinion you become a zombie, you are being controlled by the drug, you have no thoughts or say in your actions, it’s almost like you are dead, your only thought is getting the next dose of the drug. Most of the crimes committed are usually by people who are taking Methamphetamines or other drugs, mostly because they are high and being controlled by the effects of the drug.

I know first hand how it feels to have someone very close to you being controlled by this deadly drug. My father was on Methamphetamines for many years before he got caught and went to jail. When I was in the second grade my apartment was on fire and it was because my father and his friend were cooking Methamphetamines in our kitchen. Jewelry was stolen and many more valuable things from us. I never blamed my father...
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