Workshop Practice (Lathe Machine & Welding)

Topics: Oxy-fuel welding and cutting, Machining, Welding Pages: 4 (1055 words) Published: January 21, 2013

a. Describe FOUR (4) main parts of lathe machine.

The headstock contains the headstock spindle and the mechanism for driving it. In the belt-driven type, the driving mechanism consists of a motor-driven cone pulley that drives the spindle cone pulley through a drive belt. The spindle can be rotated either directly or through back gears. When the headstock is set up for direct drive, a bull-gear pin, located under a cover to the right of the spindle pulley, connects the pulley to the spindle. This connection causes the spindle to turn at the same speed as the spindle pulley. When the headstock is set up for gear drive, the bull-gear pin is pulled out, disconnecting the spindle pulley from the spindle. This allows the spindle to turn freely inside the spindle pulley. The back-gear lever, on the left end of the headstock, is moved to engage the back-gear set with a gear on the end of the spindle and a gear on the end of the spindle pulley. In this drive mode, the drive belt turns the spindle pulley, which turns the back-gear set, which turns the spindle. Each drive mode provides four spindle speeds, for a total of eight. The back-gear drive speeds are less slower than the direct-drive speeds. Tailstock

The primary purpose of the tailstock is to hold the dead center to support one end of the work being machined. However, the tailstock can also be used to hold tapered shank drills, reamers, and drill chucks. It can be moved on the ways along the length of the bed and can be clamped in the desired position by tightening the tailstock clamping nut. This movement allows for the turning of different lengths of work. The tailstock can be adjusted laterally (front to back) to cut a taper by loosening the clamping screws at the bottom of the tailstock. Before insert a dead center, drill, or reamer, carefully clean the tapered shank and wipe out the tapered hole of the tailstock spindle. When hold drills or reamers in the tapered hole of the...
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