Workshop 6 Fraud Exam Case Studies Ch 1

Topics: Identity theft, Fraud, Theft Pages: 4 (1375 words) Published: January 12, 2015

Case Studies: Chapter 17
ACCT-516-01A Forensic Acctg/Fraud Exam
This paper provides a discussion regarding two cases, one regarding the divorce proceedings of Anna and Jorge Peleo. There is concern from Anna that her soon to be ex-husband is hiding assets from the legal proceedings and she feels powerless to do anything. The second case touches on the topic of identity theft and discusses a phone call that Gina Lowell had with a call that was allegedly from her credit card company. The paper contains the author opinion regarding courses of action for both cases. Case Studies: Chapter 17

In today’s world crime is continually becoming more sophisticated and we have to remain on our guard. This is increasingly apparent in relation to the way we conduct business at home and around the world. Technology has been a great boon, allowing us to purchase items, transfer money, and manage all aspects of our finances without leaving the house. There is an inherent risk involved with relying so heavily on technology to do this. The risk is identity theft, fraud, and other electronic crimes. Submitted for your approval, we find two cases of possible fraud and identity theft. What can be done to remedy these two situations, what steps should be taken to ensure that no one is left the victim?

In the first instance, Anna and Jorge Peleo are going through a rather bitter divorce. Anna has not worked during her 20 years of marriage and paid little to no attention to the family’s finances. Her husband Jorge is vice president of marketing at a large machine parts company and is very highly paid. One year ago Anna received a call from a very angry woman in Costa Rica claiming to be Jorge’s ex-girlfriend and explained to her that he had bought a condo for her to live in, but apparently Jorge broke up with her and threw her out of the condo and left her for another woman. Jorge denied the whole thing claiming it was crazy talk. Anna’s attorney hired a...

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