Topics: Theodicy, Problem of evil, Political party Pages: 2 (304 words) Published: December 2, 2013
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1. What does the psalmist say? "Delight yourself in the Lord, and he will give you ___________________." (1:43)

2. What does a theodicy attempt to do? To show that there is a ______________________ for God to allow all the suffering that there is. (2:54)

3. In addition to human flourishing, what else do we have to think about when thinking about the problem of evil? (4:18)

4. How does Stump describe what a heart's desire is? (5:36)

5. Stump says, "Some things we _______ because they have _______. Some things have _______ because we ______ them. (7:30)

6. Jean Vanier said, "If we are broken, we are also more ____________ than we ever dared to suspect." (10:38)

7. People who adopt what Stump calls the "stern-minded attitude" would give what recommendation to people who are suffering as a result of the loss of the desires of their hearts?  They just need to __________________.  (14:20)

8. Stump says, "The stern-minded attitude is unwilling to assign a positive value to anything which isn't ________________________. (16:22)

9. In Cassian's story, what does the superior of the monastery order Patermutus to do?  He orders Patermutus to pick up his son and ___________________. (19:10)

10. Stump says, "It's the nature of love to desire the _______ for the beloved and to desire ________ with the beloved, too." (23:05)

11. Stump says, "To the extent that you love another person, you can't be ________ when he dies. (24:03)

12. Why was the particular political party that Stump talks about named "The Whatever Faction"? (30:39)

13. In response to a puzzle regarding the story of Job, Stump says, "The apparent paradox can be solved by recognizing a distinction between God's _____________ will and his ____________ will. (34:09)

14. Stump says, "Here's the moral of the story: To accept as good whatever happens on the grounds that it's...
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