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Theatre 101Worksheet 4Roman Theatre

Concept/Lifestyle:Blood thirsty, competitive- The Romans were competive with their plays, like today Americans are competitive with their sports

Variety entertainment- short comic plays, dancing. singing, juggling, tightrope-walking, acrobatics, trained animals, gladitorial contests, animal baiting, water ballets, mock sea fights and a host of other events.

Competitive arena- Romans built theatres both in Italy and abroad. In the time of Platus, all theatres were temporary structures.

Religious ritual: to honor Gods, new Gods invented- they still honored their Gods by performing plays and had festivals and holidays where they performed a play/plays for a certain play.

Theatre: variety entertainment, comedy of character-The Greek actor wore costumes similar to everyday Greek life.

Sponsors: Government-

Audience: free and open to all- admission was free and sometimes the audience would become so crowded that guards had to enforce order.

Actors: Men only, Histriones, in competition- all the performers were males and wore masks.

Chorus: reduced in size in favor of character- the orchestra area never seemed to be used in the Roman comedies, which did not include a chorus.

Plays: Tragedy: reworking of Greek tragedies-

Surviving playwrights:Ovid- Racine and Corneille

Seneca- 9 have survived, but they apparently were not intended for public performance
Psychological motivation- some idea of free will

Comedy:Character comedy Stock characters, stereotypes- A stock character is a fictional character that relies heavily on cultural types or stereotypes for its personality, manner of speech, and other characteristics.

Surviving playwrights:Plautus- (254-184 b.c.)

Terence- (195-159 b.c.) Plautus and Terence both wrote together twenty-six Roman comedies

Stock Character: stereotypes-

Minor forms...
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