Works And Poems Of Jose Rizal Finished

Topics: Philippines, Ferdinand Magellan, José Rizal Pages: 3 (278 words) Published: July 1, 2015
Works and Poems of Jose Rizal
1. Land that I love, farewell
2. Sa Aking mga Kabataan
3. A tribute to my town
4. Felicitation
5. My First Inspiration
6. My Retreat
7. The Song of Maria Clara
8. They Ask Me For Verses
9. To the Child Jesus
10. To the flowers of Heidelberg
11. Education gives Luster to the Motherland
12. The Intimate alliance between religion and education
13. To the Philippine Youth
14. Song of the Wanderer
15. To My Muse
16. The Embarkation, A Hymn to Ferdinand Magellan’s Fleet 17. The Heroism of Columbus
18. Goodbye to Leonor



1.Alejo, Janeca V.

2.Aquino, Princess Ann C.

3.Arceo, Abel Marco O.

4.Bautista, Nicole Ann S.

5.Caacbay, Melvie Joy B.

6.Concepcion, Rae Glenn M.

7.Fabicon, Khrisna L.

8.Garduce, Rea O.

9.Ireneo, Pauline I.

10.Langomez, Nichol G.

11.Mabuti, Tessa Mae M.

12.Magsino, Lei John V.

13.Mendoza, Dancel B.

14.Mondoy, Samantha Jane D.

15.Ponce, Mary Rose E.

16.Resontoc, Leira Jane C.

17.Santos, Dane Andrea L.

18.Señora, Anjelie P.

19.Unabia, Quenie V.

P1- Life and Works of RizalSir Michael Ian T. Lomongo

A- Absent
L- Late
E- Excuse

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