Workplace Violence

Topics: Employment, Security guard, Prevention Pages: 2 (541 words) Published: March 6, 2011
Chapter 1 – Case Incident 2
Workplace Violence

1. How liable should companies be for violent acts that are committed during work by their own employees? * I believe this depends on the policies set forth by the company ant the company’s ability to be consistent with said policies. If a company doesn’t have any set policies and doesn’t take measures to ensure a safe working environment then I feel that they do carry some liability for act committed due to the fact that all was not done to protect the well being of their workers. 2. Can companies completely prevent workplace violence? If not, what steps can they take to reduce it? * There is no sure fire way to completely prevent workplace violence but according to the USDA Handbook On Workplace Violence , there are certain responsibilities on the part of employers as well as employees to help reduce it. Employers need to make sure that all employees are aware of and familiar with all workplace policies and procedures regarding violence. Companies should also enlist the aid of security guards and/or cameras when necessary. On top of being familiar with the policies, employees also have the responsibility of securing their own workspaces, being aware of threats and know the procedures for dealing with those threats and any other emergencies.

3. Why do you think only 1 percent of companies have a formal antiviolence policy? * Many companies have not been faced with any serious violent acts within the workplace so the realization of this growing problem is not apparent to them. Unfortunately, a lot of times, it takes something bad to happen in order for prevention measures to be implemented. Theoretically, the smart thing to do would be to have these policies in place before hand but what’s logical is not always what’s practiced. 4. Some companies are considering the installation of metal detectors to prevent workplace violence. Do you think these measures infringe too much on...
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