Workplace Politics

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Workplace Politics
Thesis- Presidential election and listening to the debates may be over but we still have politics to deal with, in the office. Don’t think of office politics as the area of backstabbers and manipulators. If you can understand your company’s political setting you can use it to your advantage. It is true that people who don’t play well with others still get promoted. What is office politics?... Politics is the use of power towards a goal that is beneficial to an individual and to use as a disadvantage to others. This tends to be devious, manipulative and negative to others. Many that hold high positions in companies tend to play office politics. So, what we will tell you about today is the negatives and the positives of office politics. Then helpful tips to make work place politics work for you. Transition- We will start with the negative aspects of office politics.

I.The negative association that goes along with office politics refers to the strategies people use at the expense of others or the greater good. It often adversely affects the working environment and the relationships within the company. a.Many times if you deny the “bad politics” going on around you and avoid dealing with them you may suffer whiles others take unfair advantages of you. b.Another down fall of bad politics is the backstabbing, gossiping and brown nosing that others do in order to get ahead. i.If you don’t participate in office politics many times you will be over looked and others will take credit for the work you have done. Power point Statistics

Transition- Now we will learn about the good politics and how to make them work for your advantage.

II.One way to make office politics work for you is to participate in them. a.A study of HR managers and professionals by Roffey Park has found that, while just under a third pessimistically felt office politics could never be used constructively, more than half – 58 per cent – had experienced it...
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