Workplace Observation Team Paper

Topics: United States Navy, Culture, Organizational structure Pages: 8 (2642 words) Published: October 28, 2008
Workplace Observations
Organizational Observations
By focusing on and exploring the unique and varied factors of organizational observations, a great deal can be learned about a range of organizations Organizational observations in the workplace including communication practices, mission statements, ethical standards and behaviors are all factors of the organizational structure. Other factors contributing to organizational behaviors are diversity, dress and language, and the customs of the organization. Policies and technology also influence the culture in organizations. Although each organization is different, many similarities and differences among the organizations can highlight the uniqueness of the companies. The United States Navy

The United States Navy has a very extensive and unique makeup of people who strive to adhere to the values, standards, and traditions in the organization. The mission statement of the Navy is self-explanatory, operational readiness in defense of our Nation. As mentioned already the personnel are unique and diverse. To meet the challenges of this diverse culture the organization had implemented a very effective diversity program. Standardization bolsters a sense of pride and ownership to its employees by establishing a culture that values diversity through continuous education and training. Organizational customs plays a significant role in the day-to-day operations. For example, all employees have the responsibility to learn and conform to customs and traditions by rendering salutes and observing morning and evening colors. The environmental culture of customs is a daily ritual that employees must be acclimated with and feel comfortable doing. Using these processes are one of the cornerstones of the environment and all personnel experience as a lifestyle in this culture. Dress and language is very critical to the perception and professionalism of the environment. Dress is very structured and meticulous for the sole reasoning of etiquette and representation of the business. The Navy has established dress attire that breaks down a uniformed approach by a visual ranking system, by which all personnel are recognized. This principal maintains order and discipline during the daily routine allowing for efficient communication and recognition control through the hierarchy of the chain of command. Language or “jargon” is a career long endeavor that takes a civilian person whom has his or her own personal social language and builds a new system of words to correspond to others who practice that same universal language within the subculture of the military State Farm

State Farm is an organization of vast size and dominance in the insurance industry. The size and strength of the company requires that State Farm has standards and expectations set for every aspect of their organizational culture. Communication practices, mission statements, ethical standards and behavior, organizational diversity, and technology are just a few of the aspects of this organizations culture, but they are key and very influential to the company’s success. State Farm uses a variety of communication practices each day. The most common involves computer technology and software that allows them to obtain the needed information from policyholders and internal employees. Email, telephone, instant messaging, fax, two-way communication devices, face-to-face meetings, and video conferencing are also communication practices that the company uses daily. State Farm prides itself on developing a culture where employees and customers feel like they are part of a family. The company’s goal has always been to provide the services and standards that would be expected by anyone looking for insurance services the company provides. To build on and support the services and standards of the company, supreme ethical behavior of the company is paramount. State Farm Ethics begins with the employees and continues up the...

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