Workplace Incivility

Topics: Leadership, Boss, Management Pages: 2 (440 words) Published: January 19, 2012
Select and complete one (1) of the following assessments from your text: • Box 8.2: Workplace Incivility Scale
I selected this exercise since my organization recently had a change in leadership at the highest levels. I thought to compare/contrast the Incivility Scale under the old and new regimes. I concentrated on my interactions with my superiors. | |Old Leadership |New Leadership | |Put you down or was condescending to you? |Yes. This was a frequent occurrence at staff |No. | | |meetings | | |Paid little attention to your statement or |Yes. This was a frequent occurrence at staff |No. | |showed little interest in your opinion? |meetings | | |Made demeaning or derogatory remarks about you?|No. The boss always separated his professional |No. | | |feelings from personal ones. He frequently | | | |would question you professional competence, but| | | |would not cross the line into a personal | | | |attack. | | |Addressed you in unprofessional terms either |Yes. This seems to be at odds with the above |No. | |publically or privately?...
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