Workplace Conflict Case Study

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Workplace Conflict Case Study

A workplace Conflict Case Study

Customers can react in different ways to situations. Please read the Following scenario then answer the question below. David was working for a seaside hotel as a car-parking valet. On a particularly busy day a guest arrived to pick up her car and David was the staff member who, following a request from reception, delivered the car to the guest at the Hotel’s entrance. Unfortunately for David, the customer had several complains about her car, the most serious being that there was a scratch on the passenger door. Interestingly, this type of complaint is not uncommon for parking valets as drivers seldom see their passenger doors (they usually get into the car on the driver’s side) unless standing waiting in a hotel driveway. The hotel’s standard operating procedures for car parking involves the car parking vale to check all cars prior to parking and note any car damage on the back of the hotel’s parking ticket prior to parking. Fortunately, on Is this essay helpful? Upgrade your account to read more and access more than 470,000 just like it!

this occasion, the person who had parked the car had dome thus job properly (staff often forget to do this when they are in a hurry). Hence, David was most relieved to be able to point out the diagram on the back of the parking ticket the car in the hotel’s parking bay. Unimpressed by this disclosure the guest snatch the car keys from David and marched around to the driver’s seat, getting out again almost as soon as she got in. This time the complaint was that the car showed many more kilometers than when she left it, and smelled of pizza. She accused David of using her car to buy pizza.

Put yourself in David’s shoes.
1.Describe the general situation as it was before the conflict occurred. Outlining the existing relationships, between people, commenting briefly on personalities and detailing any prejudices, jealousy, underlying...
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